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Asia Music Summit

Asia Music Summit is an annual event of international stature and repute to promote the rich music of Asia. This event is an important destination for cultural tourism, international art exchange and a vibrant market for music of all genres. AMS will act as a platform to create and extend professional opportunities for the music industry and provide international performing arts practitioners with a one stop access to the blossoming Asian music market. Asia Music Summit is an annual convening of leaders in culture and music industries, sharing work and knowledge, and identifying ways in which culture and creativity continue to transform societies and economies worldwide. This year, working with the theme ‘Future is Now’, we reconsider the potential of collectivity, cultivating culture ecosystems, and embracing culture as lived experience. With thoughtfully programmed panel discussions and conversations, Asia Music Summit harnesses the expertise of policy makers, artists, and culture professionals to examine urgent contemporary issues.

Meet MusiConnect Asia!

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